<aside> 🚦 The Core Unit Budget Reporting Tool has been custom-built by the SES team to optimally support the finance data reporting and insights that are so specific to MakerDAO and its Core Units. The tool ensures that the API can easily be supplied with all the necessary financial data required by a truly open and transparent organization like MakerDAO.


Please follow this user guide for authentication, tool setup, tool usage, and troubleshooting.

This is a one-time setup. Once this is done, Core Unit Administrators can push their monthly budget statements with just a few clicks.

1**. Choose your Budget Template**

The Core Unit Budget Reporting Tool can read the data from Google Sheets that are coded with specific tags. You can choose to use one of our Budget Reporting Templates (SES or SF) to **submit your budget reports easily. We can also guide you on how to adjust your sheet if you use your own custom spreadsheet.

Note that there is no recommendation on which template to choose, both options give you a format that is compatible with the tool, and you would be able to generate summaries in both SES and SF formats with it.

Choose from the following options: (Which template to choose? What is the difference?)

<aside> 💡 If you are using an older version of the template, find the latest versions of SES & SF Budget Templates in this folder.

Budget Template update log: ***** June 21st 2022: SF Budget Template has been updated (missing expense categories added).